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Planetary Gearbox General Info

Planetary gearbox

Our planetary gearbox consist of different types of output stages, gear ratios, different input flanges and shafts.


Planetary Gearbox

The Euronorm planetary gearbox units are modular and consists of different types of end stages, gear ratio’s and various input flanges and shafts. The input side of the planetary gearbox units are suitable for IEC motors, couplings and hydraulic motors. The output side also has several options: hollow shafts with shrink disc mounting, cylindrical shafts with keyway or spline. Optionally spline welded bushings or flanges are also possible.

It is possible to make many different combinations, because of the modular construction of the planetary stages. This allows it to almost always create the desired transmission.

JRP Series Planetary Gear Units are reliable drive components tor the use in different industrial sectors. The products have proved themselves under different operating conditions. The JRP9-36 size series covers a nominal torque range between 22,000 and 2,600,000Nm. The modular design permits standardization of many basic components, including planetary gear stages and housing parts as well as input side and output side components.

Manufacturing with short lead time is possible as well as local assembly from stock parts. The heavy loaded housing parts are made of ductile cast iron, the sun and plane gears are hardened and ground, solar gears are extra hardened and ground. Depending on the application and mounting possibilities, there are many input and output shaft types to choose from.

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Planetary Gearbox

General specifictations

Output torque of 1.000Nm up to 2.600.000Nm
Shaft sizes of 40mm up to 640mm
Cylindrical shafts, hollow shafts with shrink discs and spline shafts
Ratio’s of 1:4 up to 1:30.000
IEC flanges, SAE flanges and cylindrical input shafts (wit key)
Hydraulic brakes
Foot mounting, flange mounting or torque arm mounting

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