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About The Company

Euronorm new website

Euronorm new website

Euronorm Drive Systems supplies the European machine building market and MRO market with electric motors and transmissions to suit their applications and their target markets.

The mission of Euronorm is to provide its customers with such electric motors and transmissions so that they structurally contribute to their goals and (international) competitiveness. Reduction of (in) direct purchase costs (1), process (2) and the creation of added value through innovative solutions (3) form the foundation of the success of their customers.

Euronorm Workplace

Euronorm Workplace

With 18 employees Euronorm drive systems is a medium-size player in the drives and transmission industry located in the Netherlands. Theire employees personally knows their customers and their applications. The short lines within the company makes it easy to communicate. Due to our wide variety of education, from secondary technical school up to university, our customers can count on a broad knowledge. Customers can count on the great experience in electrical and mechanical drives and good practical advice from assembly issues to complex R&D issues and or business solutions such as Lean manufacturing.



  • Sizes from IEC 56 up to 500
  • Power range from 0,06kW up to > 2MW
  • UL/CSA, Ship certification, deviating voltages, etc
  • IP20, IP54, IP55, IP56, IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69K


  • Sizes from 17 to 187.
  • Output torque from 100Nm to 50.000Nm.
  • Shaft size from 20mm up to 190mm.
  • Ratio’s i=1,3 up to i=36.000.
  • Powers from 0,12kW up to 200kW.


  • Material AISI304, optional AISI316
  • Sealing grade IP67 and IP69K
  • Designed based on EHEDG and HACCP regulations and guidelines
  • Foodgrade components and lubricants
  • Easy to clean


  • Size 25 up to 150
  • Output torque of 14Nm up to 3,000Nm
  • Output shafts of 11mm up to 50mm
  • Reduction ratios of i=7,5 up to i=10,000
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