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JKM58C i=295,18 Input flange: 100/112B5

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Quick Overview

The hypoid reducer is a size 58 aluminum gearbox with a ratio of 295,18. The gearbox has an 100-112B5 IEC input flange and a 35H8 hollowshaft output with key. The general efficiency is 92-94%. The hypoid reducer weights 14,8 kg and is standard coated in RAL9022.

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Technical data

General specs:
Input:IEC flange  100-112B5
Output:Hollow shaft with key  35H8
Radial load:8300 [N]
Output torque:460 [Nm]
General efficiency:92-94%
Physical specs:
Housing material:Aluminum
Coating:Standard: RAL9022

Gear options

In addition to the gearbox design, it is possible to add options to the gearbox.

  • Special motorflanges
  • Coating
  • ATEX
  • Stainless steel

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