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Flange Encoder General Info

Flange Encoder

The standard aluminium RSB flange encoder is available in flange size 63B14a up to 160B5. The encoder is sealed in epoxy resin and thereby rated with IP69K. The RSB series consist of a pulse range from 1-60 pulses per revolution. And requires a power supply between 10 and 30 volt. Interested in stainless steel encoders? Or encoders with a 5 volt power supply?


Flange Encoder

All drive units can be equipped with encoders and pulse generators. Euronorm has also developed its own pulse generator in addition to the standard optical flange encoders. This encoder is easily mounted between the IEC-flange of the motor and the reducer. The motor does not have to be adapted thanks to this modular design, and this translates into short delivery times and low costs.

The encoder, with its fully resin encapsulated electronics, is mounted between the drive unit and the IEC motor. This ensures that it’s completely protected against influences from outside. In addition, the magnet with a very robust construction is mounted on the shaft. This provides additional operational reliability for brake motor applications among others.

Joint flange encoders according to IEC

In speed controlled applications where a constant RPM or position information is necessary, the JRSB series encoder provides the solution. The encoder flange is designed by IEC standard, and thereby easily installed between the IEC motor and gear unit. There is no need for custom made parts which is in common by comparable encoders.

The pulses are generated by the magnet, and the electronics are fully encapsulated in Epoxy resin. This ensures that the encoder is completely protected against influences from outside. Standard the encoder is supplied with a 0.75 meter encapsulated cable and ferrules. On customer request we can edit the length of the cable and supply it with M8 or M12 connector.

Stock Flange Encoder

The encoders are assembled at Euronorm. Therefore there is a wide range in stock.

Optical encoders with 1024 pulses/rev. are also actively kept in stock.

General specifictations

Available flange sizes 63B14a up to 160B5.
Encoder flanges and standard encoders are available in aluminum and stainless steel.
Encoder has resin encapsulated electronics / IP69K.
Encoder in stainless steel has a hygienic design.
Pulse range encoder flange:. 1-60 pulses/rev., pulse range optical encoders: 1024-4096 pulses/rev.
A and B channel, HTL and TTL possible.

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