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Aluminum motor IE2 90L 2,2kW 3000rpm B3 400/690V50Hz

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The  aluminum motor is an alternative IEC motor Euronorm offers besides the standard Euronorm IEC motor. The motor housing is made of Aluminum and weights 18 kg. It is IP55 rated, and it’s efficiency class is IE2. The motor is compatible with variable frequency drives and is not brake prepared.

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Technical data motor

Maingroup Electric motors
Subgroup Aluminum motors
General specs
Motorsize 90L
Power 2.2 [kW]
Poles 2
Mounting B3 feet, connectionbox top
Efficiency class IE2
Voltage 400/690V50Hz
Electrical specs
Rated current In – 250V 4.4 [A]
In 380-420V – [A]
Ist/In 8.3
η – 100% 83.2
η – 75% 83.8
η – 50% 82.7
cos φ 0.89
Mechanical specs
Rated rpm 2880 [rpm]
T – [A]
Tst/Tn 3.9
Tmax/Tn 4.5
Jmot 1.82 10-3 kgm²]
LpA 62 [dB]
Weight 18 [kg]
IP class IP55
Housing material Aluminum
Variable frequency drive compatible Yes
Brake prepared No
Brake torque N.A. [Nm]
Optional brake torque N.A. [Nm]
Brake voltage N.A. [V]
Zl N.A. [c/h]

Options motor

In addition to the standard motor design, it is possible to add options to the motor.

  • Temperature sensor (PTC or clixon)
  • Forced cooling
  • Aberrant voltages
  • Increased IP class
  • Special motorflanges
  • Standstill heating
  • TENV
  • CSA, UL certificates
  • Coating

It is also possible to complete your motor or drive with additional products like:

  • An encoder to track the motor rpm also see JRSB encoder
  • A variable frequency drive also see JI VFD

Work environment information

Electric motors are designed to use till 1000 meter above NAP and with a max temperature of 40 °C. If a motor is compatible with divergent evironmental factors the type plate will be marked.

In general all electric motors are IP55 rated according to guideline IEC60034-5. The standard motor design is suited for horizontal indoor use or covered outdoor use.

Additional motor protection is necessary when the work environment of the motor is:

  • Uncoverd outdoor use
  • Dusty environment
  • Agressive environment (gasses, vapour or dust)
  • Sea climate
  • Termites or other vermin
  • Vertical use

Additional motor protection can be:

  • Rain canopy
  • Additional seals or drain holes (for vertical usage)
  • Special coating
  • Additional protection of the windings with tropical insulation
  • stand still heating (for the motor windings)
  • Additional drain holes for dissipation of condensate
  • Additional bearings (for vertical usage)

Please contact Euronorm technical supportteam to find the right solution for you.


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